Heritage Sites


There are over 250 documented Heritage Sites on St. Kitts, testimony to the important­ role this island has had in the history of the Caribbean Region. Under sea and several slave habitation and burial sites remain undocumented. Ever present on a tour of St. Kitts are the fields of sugar cane and the old and often ruined plantation structures, mills, chimneys, factory buildings and Great Houses, legacies of an industry that drove the economy and way of life on the island for over three centuries. A constant reminder of our colonial past, some have been restored and converted for modern use. The best preserved and most outstanding is Brimstone Hill Fortress but efforts have and continue to be made to retrieved others from neglect and abandonment. Sites of memory, most of them, the heritage sites of St. Kitts need to be better understood and conserved. In becoming the St. Christopher Heritage Trust, the St. Christopher Heritage Society hopes that it will be in a better position of authority to work towards the study and preservation of the more important sites.


While the sites associated with the aboriginal people of these islands are less evident, they are embedded in the soils, ravines and shoreline of the island. Some investigatory work has been undertaken on these sites but much work remains to be done.



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