Formerly known as The St. Christopher Heritage Society (SCHS), the St. Christopher National Trust (SCNT) is a national, non-governmental, voluntary organisation established in 2009 by an Act of the National Assembly, our Federal Parliament.
Also affectionately known as the St. Kitts National Trust, its mission is to preserve and promote the natural, historical, ecological and cultural heritage of the island of St. Christopher (St. Kitts).

Our Objectives are:

  • To foster a deeper understanding of and appreciation for our island of
    St. Christopher (St.Kitts)
  • To promote our heritage and
  • To safeguard and preserve..
    • Our Natural Environment
    • our Traditions and Customs
    • Our Music, Visual and Performing Arts
    • Our Monuments, Buildings and Historic Sites


Past Achievements:

Since its inception in 1989, the St. Christopher Heritage Society (SCHS) undertook several major projects and has been   involved in many different activities. Since its transformation to the St. Christopher National Trust (SCNT) on October 1, 2009, all assets and membership have been automatically transferred from the SCHS. The achievement of the past may also be recognized as they have served to build the foundation on which the new Trust is build and provide invaluable experiences from which to grow.

These projects include:

  • Hosting and co-hosting several workshops and conferences.
  • Facilitating the development of The Country Environmental Profile.
  • Implementing biodiversity and cultural studies.
  • Recording the oral history of the Island.
  • Facilitating studies and inventories on the Island’s major historical sites.
  • Supporting the implementation of a Medicinal Plants Project.
  • Arranging a series of ‘Adventure Tours’ and hikes.
  • Establishing a documentary recourse centre which houses a collection of books, documents (published and unpublished), antique and modern photographs, maps, audio and visual tapes and CD’s relating to St. Kitts in particular and the Caribbean in general.
  • Servicing clients which include members, students, teachers, consultants, taxi drivers, business persons, tourists, government personnel and anyone else seeking information about the country.
  • Producing and distributing educational and other educational material about the island’s natural and cultural recourses and development.
  • Restoring of the old Treasury Building and establishing the National Museum in it.
  • Collaborating with other NGO’s and agencies in the implementation of training and other workshops.
  • Advocating best conservation practices as it relates to development and other activities.
  • Representing the local NGO community at national and international meetings and conferences.
St. Christopher National Trust Board

President: Schneidman Warner

Vice Presidents: Tapley Seaton Q.C.

Hon. Treasurer: Kathleen Orchard

Hon. Secretary: Rylis Percival

Other Board Members:

Austin Gumbs
Maurice Widdowson (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
Daisy Mottrom
Stanley Franks
Cameron Gill (Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society)

Danielle Taylor-Williams (Ministry of Tourism)
Sheryl Harris (Ministry of Education)
June Hughes (Ministry of Sustainable Development)
Marlene Phillips (Ministry of Culture)

Ordinary Member Resident $50.00 (annually) Overseas $60.00 (annually)
Student Member Resident $20.00 (annually) Overseas $30.00 (annually)
Corporate Member Resident $250.00 (annually) Overseas $300.00 (annually)
Life Member Resident $1000.00  Overseas $1400.00 
Support the efforts of the St. Christopher National Trust and become a Member.


Our Heritage Belongs to ALL of us.

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