Mukti Documentation Center


The Mukti Documentation Centre (Doc Centre) houses the National Trust’s collection of books, documents, reports, manuscripts, newspapers, photographs, maps, videos, and tapes.

This collection contributes to the National Trust’s custodial work of preserving and promoting our natural environment, historical and cultural heritage (our traditions, customs, music, visual and performing arts, our monuments, buildings and historic sites).

The ‘Doc Centre’, unlike a library, has both published and unpublished material and is often referred to as the “engine of the National Trust” as it drives almost every aspect of the National Trust’s work.

This rich cultural resource is available to members of the National Trust and others involved in research, school based assignments, consultants working on private sector projects, etc.
How can you access this rich cultural heritage resource?
In order to be able to maintain this valuable resource we must charge for its use as follows:
One time access
Adults: $10.00 EC
Students: $5.00 EC
For FREE continuous access to the Doc Centre, become a member of the National Trust!
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Other services includes: document binding, scanning and laminating

What can you do to help the National Trust expand and maintain this valuable resource?

Volunteer your skills and time [Click Here To View Form]
Donate or lend any old photographs, postcards, newspaper articles, books or other documents or collections relating to St. Kitts.
Help build up our social history of St. Kitts by providing information, photo, etc.
Donate your old newspapers, programmes, maps, etc.
As you travel outside of St. Kitts, actively search and collect materials about the island for addition to the Doc Centre holdings. (Be sure to photocopy the cover so that we can identify the source and the date etc.)
Write your own memoirs and/or research your ancestry and send us a copy.
Join the National Trust and use the resources of the Doc Centre.