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ST. THOMAS’ CHURCH – MIDDLE ISLAND is the oldest Anglican Church in the West Indies,
introduced shortly after the arrival on the island of St Kitts of the eponymous Captain Thomas
Warner. In 1623 Warner arrived with a crew of twenty and settled the first European colony on the
island. In 1625 Captain Warner returned from a successful trip back to England to sell the tobacco
crop grown by the new settlers, and brought with him the Reverend John Teatley (also spelt ‘Featley’).
Former member of Magdalene College and Fellow of All Souls, Oxford, he became Rector of Middle
Island from 1625-1634, establishing the first Anglican congregation on the island. With the rapid
expansion of European settlement, a second rector was appointed in 1630 (at Palmetto Point) and
shortly after, one on the east coast of the island. [ Read More ]