Amerindian Sites

Bloody Point

Bloody Point, a memorial place.

On this site a sign from the Ministry of Tourism recalls the massacre of thousands of Caribs perpetrated by the settlers in 1626. 

 Nearby here, on the banks of the «Stonefort River», known also as «Pelham River», the English and the French settlers in 1626 united to fight against the native Carib Indians. Informed by a Carib woman, Barbe, of an impending assault by the natives, the settlers in a surprise attack massacred several thousand Caribs. It is said that the river flowed with blood for several days. This marked the end of Carib occupation in St. Kitts. This episode has been stated by the Reverend Father Dutertre in the «General History of the Antilles Tome I § II p 30 «Arrival of Mr. Enambuc to the island of St. Christophe, the French and English put in retreat the savages who had plotted their murder.  Read More